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Description: S C E N I C S T R E A M S : A Q U A R I U M is an interactive live streaming service available on demand 24/7. Enjoy the sights and sounds of an aquarium without the hassle and the maintenance. Get lost in an odyssey of wonder as you revel in the natural beauty that is Aquarium. With this app, you can connect to A Q U A R I U M or simply enjoy soothing music presented by Aakasha Radio anytime, anywhere Scenic Streams: Aquarium is an unique A Q U A S C A P E D aquarium full of natural rock, live plants, and decorative fish, providing entertainment and ambiance on demand. This app is F R E E ! If you are compelled by Aquarium and wish to join in on the L I V E S T R E A M I N G experience, you can access a beautifully maintained, state of the art aquarium on any TV, computer, phone or tablet, for a minnow-sized monthly or one time fee. Give Yourself the Gift of Aquarium! T R I A L P E R I O D Try Aquarium for 24 hours for only $.99 cents! S C E N I C S T R E A M L I V E . C O M
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