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Description: The DayMo App provides daily motivation that is sent directly to your phone via notifications. Inside of the app are many features that will uplift and encourage you including blogs, podcasts, uplifting radio stations, videos and more. The app is based in Christian values and concepts but DayMo isn't overly "preachy." We use the Word of God, books and thought leaders from across the globe, to bring you content that will keep you motivated and encouraged. Every day you will receive a short message that will bring some joy to your day. Here's some DayMo Examples you might even see inside the app: "God has a great plan for you today. There may be many things that will try and distract you but keep on going because God's plan for you is better than any plan you have for yourself." "You've overcome so many things in your life. You may not even realize your own strength. But you are stronger than whatever comes your way. The proof is in the fact that you are still...." "Don't play with your goals today! You need to do something significant that moves you closer towards achieving your goals. Go in the DayMo Community and tell us how you're going to move towards your goal today....." "Watch the DayMo TV video entitled..... and get your dose of daily motivation! When you're done watching it, share it with a friend so they can be encouraged too." Why have another down day? Downlaod DayMo today and be uplifted and encouraged every single day.
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