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Description: Think of how scary it would be if you were a puppy and heard all the sounds of our fast paced world. Things you didn’t know what it was or if it was going to hurt you. It is our job as responsible pet owners, to expose our puppies and dogs, to these sounds, but in a positive way. We have compiled the most common sounds your dog will face, and have organized them in different catagories for you. Take it slow at first. Play the sound at a distance or softly for your puppy or dog. As they get used to it, you can increase the sound and length of time. You will want to look for levels of stress changes in your dog. Are they nervous, or does it not bother them at all? These are key items as you must always go in “baby steps” for your puppy. They may be afraid today, but tomorrow or the next day they will be rockstars and not mind it at all! Don’t overload the pup, just play a few from the same grouping throughout the day. If you see the puppy is doing well, move on to the next group. Play the sounds when your puppy is relaxed. You can also associate the sounds with a treat, so the puppy will have a positive experience. Our Empowered Puppy Program is a system that concentrates on preventing behaviors prior to arrival than reacting to them. We have many more tools that can help you to train your puppy or dog, and we have shared them with you on our Shopping Page! Please feel free to email us with any questions you have. We thank you for downloading our app, and helping us change this world one puppy at a time! "
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