Great Big Radio

Category: Entertainment
Description: GREAT BIG RADIO is the 24/7 flamethrower that plays incredible hits and long lost treasures from radio's Top 40 era. From the late 60s to the early 90s, GBR has everything to keep your ears caffeinated. With the new GREAT BIG RADIO app, you'll have instant access to all this amazing programming, plus: - NEW! Choose either our wireless 32k Mobile Stream to save bandwidth, or our Wi-Fi 128k HD stream. Both sound great! - One-Touch calling the GBR Request/Comment Line at 612-HOLYCOW - Support GBR with our "Last Ten Played" button where you can buy the music we play from Amazon - Wake up (big time) with the GBR Alarm feature - Don't listen alone - Instantly share your GBR experience with everyone on Facebook and Twitter - Visit the GREAT BIG RADIO website - Get notified for GBR Special Events and Updates (We promise not to nag you too much) ...all wrapped up in a presentation that keeps you laughing and plowing face-first through your day. Not just oldies. It's Oldies Gone Wrong.™ GREAT BIG RADIO - The Hits (and the Songs That Should've Been!)™
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