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Description: GuruNet Edu is an online tutor/institution hub app that connect you with a professional tutor around you. You can choose from our large selection of qualified tutors in many different subjects, such as math and science to help you with your homework or upcoming exams. **Please note that GuruNet Edu is a free application to download; however, it is a pay per hour once you are connected to tutor. You will only pay for the time you are getting help from a tutor and you can request a tutor at any time of the day that you need help in any subject.** With traditional tutoring, tutors typically drive to students’ homes and tutor them on a specific subject, like algebra or trigonometry. If the student needs help with a different subject, like biology or chemistry, they will need a different tutor. In these cases, students end up with two or three different tutors coming over to their homes or online (either Skype or WhatsApp) to receive comprehensive tutoring. Moreover, with traditional tutoring, students are required to pay a minimum one-hour fee for tutoring, regardless of the amount of help they need, even if it is just a couple of questions. On the other hand, GuruNet Edu is the new evolution of tutoring in Africa. With GuruNet Edu, we have changed the way you think about tutors or your tutoring time. We only charge you based on the hours you are getting help from a tutor. For example, let's say you are taking a geometry course. Your teacher assigns you a challenging geometry problem, and you don't know how to solve for some geometric angle. You only have two options: Either pay a tutor for a full hour of tutoring or use GuruNet Edu and get help just for that problem through WhatsApp. With GuruNet Edu you can get help without ever leaving your house or meeting up with a stranger. How GuruNet Edu works: There are two way of connecting to a tutor. 1. You can either request a tutor by choosing a subject (i.e. Middle School Math or Science) or get paired with the first available tutor that is knowledgeable in these subjects. Note that we have expert tutors in all subjects listed in our Application. 2. Alternatively, you will be able to browse our large selection of tutors in each subject (i.e. college level calculus or chemistry). All available tutors will be visible for the student to choose from. You can also chat with an offline tutor and ask them when they will be available. Once the selection is completed, you will be paired with the tutor and you will be able to talk to them and show them the problem you are struggling with and how they solve it. They will walk you through each step and you will be able to ask them any questions as they are solving it, just like an in-person traditional tutoring. At the end of the session, you will be able to rate your tutor and pay only for the duration of the tutoring session. To sum up: GuruNet Edu provides inexpensive and quality tutoring, all from your mobile device. With this tutoring WhatsApp, our tutors cover all subjects in all grades. Our tutors are very knowledgeable in primary/ high school and college level subjects. Also, they know the most efficient method of tutoring. Once you find a tutor you’re comfortable with, you can request them every time you need help. Download now and start your first session. Message for tutors: If you are a tutor that can teach subjects listed in our App or Make a suggestion, we would like you to apply to become a tutor through the GuruNet Edu app. Once you submit your application, we review your application and request an interview. You can pick flexible hours and tutor at your own time and convenience. Cross platform connection is also available. Download now and start making money on your free time by helping students. GURUNET EDU the future of tutoring in Africa, available today.
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