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Description: This app has several features listed below. Note: this app streams audio -wifi or satellite connection is needed. 1. a Drone app - similar to a Tambura or Tampura. It uses real acoustic bass recordings (arco - with bow). Each of the 12 keys or drones will play for 3 minutes (you can repeat them as needed) and is an actual mp3 (192) recording of jazz bass player Jeff Harshbarger ( You can use this app to practice singing, playing, improvising, work on chords, scales, melodies, songs, ear training, teaching, etc.... 2. This app also includes 12 key drum and bass tracks - each with a drone or pedal point bass and swing drums at 120 bpm for 4 minutes (repeat as needed). The drummer Brian Stever ( joins Jeff Harshbarger (bass) so you can practice with a drone in time. This is great for jazz players and those working on their swing feel. This is a fantastic tool for both practice and teaching. 3. Drums (only) play along tracks. 4 swing tempos plus an afro cuban 120bpm. These tracks work well as a swinging metronome or to walking bass along with. For free jazz lessons and more information on drone work and play alongs for ear training and practice : visit
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