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Description: PSLE Hindi Singapore Free Mobile Application is Study Plan for PSLE Hindi Paper: Our PSLE Hindi Preparatory Course is a bundle of Model Practice Papers for PSLE students and are prepared by language experts in Hindi. This course aims at providing opportunity to students practice Hindi questions suitable for PSLE Language Examination in Hindi. This PSLE Hindi Preparatory Course consists of 10 Hindi Test Series. Each Test Series has the following to practice: Section 1: The first section of the PSLE Hindi model paper consists of 2 parts, out of which the candidate would be required to answer any one part. Both parts carry 40 marks each. Part 1 is essay writing based on an event . Complete this story with minimum 100 words which includes answers to the related questions. Part 2 is based on an incomplete series of pictures. Write a story of at least 100 words,with the help of given supportive phrases and complete the series. Section 2 Part A-1 (Hindi Language) This portion consists of an informative paragraph related to technology, innovation, etc. Five multiple choice questions are given based on the paragraph with fill in the blanks. Each question has 4 alternatives. Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blanks in the paragraph. This part carries 5 marks. Part A-2 (Hindi Language) This is again a test of Hindi language in the PSLE Hindi Examination Paper. A paragraph based on a mythological story, is given. Paragraph contains blanks which are to be filled with the right word or sentence. Choose the correct answer from 1 to 5 multiple choice questions, to fill up the blanks. This part also has 5 marks. Both exercises of PSLE Hindi test series help students to learn how to make an appropriate use of words and sentences in Hindi language. Part A-3 (Usage of words for appropriate meaning) Fill in the blanks by choosing a right option from multiple choice questions. This part has 20 marks and helps increasing the aptitude for learning the correct usage of Hindi words and their meaning. Part A-4 (Understanding the meaning) This part of the PSLE Hindi Test paper contains two sub-parts. Both sub-parts carry 10 marks each. The first sub-part has five multiple choice questions based on the paragraph itself. The second sub-part also consists of 1 to 5 multiple choice questions. These questions are based on words/ sentences, taken from the paragraph. Out of the four options, choose the most appropriate and similar word/ sentence which is a synonym of the given question. Part A-5 (Poster Advertisement) Based on a published poster advertisement, three multiple choice questions are given. Choose the correct alternatives from advertisement and answer the questions. This is another question type asked in the PSLE Hindi Examination that helps students developing an aptitude of having an eye for detail. This part carries 6 marks. Part B-6 (Idioms/Proverbs/Phrases) Fill in the blanks from 1 to 5 which are based on idioms, proverbs and phrases. Choose the right answer from the options and complete the phrase. These questions carry 10 marks. Part B-7 (Sentence Making) Fill in the blanks from 1 to 5 and complete the sentence to make it meaningful. No alternatives are given in this part. This approach of thePSLE Hindi Examination Test Series is aimed to help candidates learn to apply their common sense for making correct sentences in Hindi. This part is of 10 marks. Part B-8 (Paragraph Reading) This part has a lengthy paragraph followed by 5 long answer type questions. Read the whole paragraph carefully and extract the answers out of that. This part carries 20 marks. This part of PSLE Hindi paper helps students in developing an ability to read and write Hindi language accurately.
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