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Description: Short Description: Subliminal Audio Binaural Beats & Brainwave Entrainment For Self Improvement Description: Improve your Mind, Develop Self Esteem, Lose Weight or Just Relax -this app -has everything you need to start your healing journey. Our app has lots of free subliminal audio : Two are the most important if you lost a loved one Overcoming Grief, or if you were betrayed: Forget a Cheater. The other downloads all are intended to make your life positive and help you relieve the stress of the day. Each download will be 10 minutes long. Subliminal affirmations are embedded inside the audio track and can not be heard or distinguished. Subliminal messages and suggestions cannot work against a person's will. The user should hold a strong determination for improvement. If he or she does not want to change, the subliminal CD will have no effect on the mind -consciously, or subconsciously. So, what we are saying is that our audio products can produce excellent results; however, the subject must be dedicated as well. So How will you know that subliminal works? Because after a while you will notice such a huge difference in yourself and your happier frame of mind, that there will be no doubt in your mind that you made a good choice going subliminal with Sprudio Audio! We get a charge out of helping people and hearing back that our product is revolutionary for them; most of all, we're impressed with people who take charge of their own destiny and work to create it the positive way! Skeptics always try, and succeed to a certain point, to ruin any positive force that can help others rise to new heights of success. The subconscious mind is the boss. If we can train it, by whatever means, we are way ahead of the pack- remember, most people will struggle with self-control their whole lives! So what is subliminal? A subliminal message is a verbal statement, image or signal embedded in another medium (music, video, or nature sound), designed to bypass the normal limits of the human mind's perception .Subliminal mean - bellow the limit of perception. Consciously you can't hear, or see but unconsciously you register the information’s. Our Subliminal is recorded by Hypnotherapists and is specially adapted for positive thinking using affirmative powerful affirmations. What you will find is a vast library of subliminal recording and even a possibility to create your custom subliminal that better fits your character or needs. Better than hypnosis- subliminal will target subconscious mind without the need of putting you in trance. However nature sound, ocean or rain should not be played while driving or operating machinery. Disclaimer: Purchasing or using any product you accept to never use it on another person without the consent of the listener. Our self-help audio products are sold as educational aids only- we cannot claim any medical benefits. Nothing in our product range is a substitute for proper health care. Consult your doctor if you have questions regarding health issues. Do not use the nature sound tracks while driving or operating machinery.
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