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Description: HITS Network & Advertisement Ltd is an advertisement company and licence holder of WOOOPI KE Mobile App with the aim to expose independent or self employed taxi, shuttle services, transport, courier services to the market. we created this Mobile app to serve as platform to combat unemployment, increase disposable incomes, stimulate entrepreneurship and stimulate the economy from the bottom up. Due to the demand in transport as well as high unemployment in the country, we have come up with a win win solution for all. Offering our services to independent unemployed drivers with vehicles or vehicle owners, who is willing to employ cleared and approved drivers, we can list and expose their services on the same competitive platform as other known taxi companies. One of the major differences is that the drivers work for themselves totally independent with no limitations on area, kilometers. We also extent the ages of the vehicles due to fact that there is a lot of vehicles that is 100% in good, working, presentable and reliable conditions and previously declined service providers can now also earn a living. Who works for who? After our research we have decided that the normal way of contracting the drivers and vehicles is very demanding on the drivers and they have to work longer hours or do more kilometers to take home as reasonable income. We dont contract drivers or cars to work for us. we only created the platform or application they uses to conduct their day to day business. what happen is the drivers or car owners contract us to expose them on our platform which function as a taxi connecting application as other normal taxi apps do. this way the driver manages himself. - what the driver earns he takes home - We don't take any commissions as other companies do. - We charge a flat advertising rate (less than 10% of what drivers currently sacrifice) no other cost to the driver.... this increase the usable income to the drivers without us increasing any fees or what so ever.- the drivers can also, because they work for themselves and not for us, negotiate better fees to the passengers or users.We only give a suggested minimum costing to protect the driver and the public again exploration.
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