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How to create Google API Key for Android?

(1) Login or Sign up on



(2) Click on 'Project' dropdown and select 'Create New Project'.



(3) It open New Project window there you have to provide a name to your new project, then click on 'Create' button.



(4) From Dashboard Menu click on 'Enable API' link.



(5) Click on Library option from the left menu and select 'Google Maps Android API'.



(6) It will redirect you to 'Google Maps Android API' section from there you have to click on 'Enable' to activate it. (NOTE: If by any chance you forgot to enable your “Google Maps Android API” then map will not show in your Taxi app.)



(7) Click on Create Credential button.



(8) It will open a popup from there select 'API Key'.



(9) It will open a new window from there click on 'Android apps' radio button.



(10) Click on '+ Add Package name and fingerprint' button.



(11) It will open a new page asking for you project setting. Please enter your project name and the bundle identifier of your driver app and click on continue to generate the api key. (NOTE: You can find your Passenger and Driver Bundle ID from your Appy Pie TAXI configuration setting.)

    (a) Copy Driver and Passenger App Bundle ID from your Appy Pie Taxi Configuration Settings.

    (b) And paste it in to your Google Map API credentials section.


(12) It will generate a Key, copy this key and paste it Google API Key for Android text box.